is a website that offers a free SSL Certificate Monitoring service. This service will notify you if your SSL Certificate is about to expire, or if it has already expired.

Should I Pay for an SSL Certificate?

Short answer: No.

You might be wondering whether you should invest in a paid SSL certificate or go for a free one. The straightforward answer? No, there is often no need to pay for one when you can get it for free, without compromising on security. Let’s Encrypt, for example, provides free SSL certificates that offer the same level of encryption and security as their paid counterparts.

Why Not to Pay

The core purpose of an SSL certificate is to secure the connection between your website and the user’s browser. Let’s Encrypt accomplishes this just as effectively as any paid certificate. These free certificates are easy to install, easy to renew, and are supported by the majority of modern web browsers. So, for the vast majority of websites, a free SSL certificate from a reputable provider like Let’s Encrypt is more than sufficient.

Simply put, if your main goal is to secure user data and enable encrypted connections, a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt should suit your needs perfectly. Save your money for other aspects of your website or business that may need investment.

Paid Certificates

Paid certificates can offer additional services such as extended validation which serve little purpose on today’s web. In the past browsers would show your company name next to the padlock to users visiting your website but those times are long past. Today the users would need to click into your certificate details and know what they’re looking for to even begin to tell that there is a difference.


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