Instant Alerts

Know before your customers do.

SSL Detect.com monitors SSL expiration and website uptime.

How does it work?

Assign recipients to Alerts and Alerts to Sites or Apps. With this easy and powerful system your whole team can be set up with just a few clicks.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

We watch for failed renewals, expiring or expired certificates, and other errors.

Pre-expiration warnings

Choose when to be notified up to 45 days in advance.

Get the whole picture

See all of your certificates in one place and quickly know which certificates are expiring soon or have other issues.

Monitoring for Apps & Services

Also known as Heartbeat monitoring, we can monitor your back-end services, cron jobs, and other processes.

Heartbeat monitoring

Every ping tells us when to expect the next one. And if it never arrives we let you know. Simple and effective.

Any type of script

Works with any type of script including cron jobs, PowerShell, and more.

Use Cases

Image of a padlock
SSL renewal failures
Know before it expires.

Get notified of SSL renewal failures before expiration.

picture of computer code
Monitor CRON Jobs
and Scheduled Tasks

Anything that can ping our API can be monitored for failure.

picture of computer screen
IT Support
Monitor your web inventory

Early warnings about problems with sites, apps, scripts, and more.

picture of a rack of several servers
Client Site Monitoring
For agencies and studios

See all of your client's sites under one dashboard.


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$7 /mo
with annual subscription
  • Up to 50 Sites/Apps
  • 50 SMS/Phone Alerts
  • Unlimited Email Alerts
  • Apps / cron job monitoring
  • Checks every minute


$24 /mo
with annual subscription
  • Up to 100 Sites/Apps
  • 100 SMS/Phone Alerts
  • All features in Pro PLUS:
  • Multi-User Access - 3 Users
  • Two-Factor Authentication


$49 /mo
with annual subscription
  • Up to 250 Sites/Apps
  • 500 SMS/Phone Alerts
  • Multi-User Access - 10 Users
  • All features in Business PLUS:
  • Advanced User Management
    Additional users billed at $10 monthly

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