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The service is currently in an open beta test.

With some exceptions, all features are available for free.

SMS alerts are available for a fee of $10 per month per 100 SMS credits.

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We have a number of features to interest any website owner.

SSL certificate expiration monitoring will monitor your SSL certificates and alert you when they are about to expire. This way, you can renew them before there is a problem.

Downtime alerts

If your website ever goes down, you‘ll receive an alert from so you can take action quickly.

App (cron job) monitoring

With‘s app monitoring, you can be sure that your cron jobs are running smoothly and on time. You‘ll receive alerts if there‘s ever a problem.

Use Cases

Monitor your SSL certificates

With, you can be sure that your SSL certificates are always up to date. We‘ll alert you when they are about to expire so you can renew them quickly and easily.

Keep track of your website uptime will monitor your website uptime for you and alert you if there is ever a problem. This way, you can take action quickly to fix any issues.

Get alerts if there is ever a problem

With’s Alerts, you’ll always be the first to know if there’s a problem with your website or SSL certificates. You can choose to receive alerts by email, SMS, webhook, or Slack. With more coming soon!

Why choose


Free offers free SSL certificate monitoring and uptime monitoring with email, Slack, and webhook alerts.


Advance Notice

Choose to be notified of expiring SSL certificates up to 45 days in advance. This helps you plan ahead and avoid any last-minute scrambling to get certificates renewed.


Priority Support

Get help when you need it with priority support. This is available to all premium subscriptions through our built-in support portal.


Multi-User Accounts offers multiuser accounts as a free freature to all customers. This allows customers to create multiple user accounts so they can share access to the website with others.


App Monitoring

One of our premium features is (cron job) monitoring. Also known as heartbeat monitoring, your apps ping our API anytime they complete a task. And if we don’t receive an expected ping we let you know.

SSL Certificate Change Monitoring

SSL certificate change monitoring is free for all customers. This allows you to be notified if there are any changes to one of your SSL certificates and help catch configuration issues.

Domain Expiration Monitoring

The website offers domain expiration monitoring as a premium feature. This allows customers to be notified when their domain is about to expire so they can renew it in time.

Customizable Alerts

We offer customizable alerts. All plans include unlimited email, Slack, and webhook alerts. SMS alerts are available on premium plans.

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