Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service really free?

Sure is! Our free plan lets you monitor up to 50 Sites for free with email alerts - no credit card required.

What are Sites and what are Apps?

Sites are internet-accessible endpoints such as https://example.com that we regularly monitor.

Apps are endpoints on our end which your apps, scripts, and cron jobs can activate to create a heartbeat. In this case we watch for missed heartbeats.

What are Alerts for?

Alerts are assigned to Sites and Apps and contain a list of Recipients. These can be configured to send emails, text messages, phone calls, web hooks, or other advanced integrations.

Alerts can also be customized to activate only on certain events, such as SSL expiration warnings, Site downtime, or Apps missing their pings.

Who is this service for?

We've built this service for anyone that has a website with an SSL certificate and wants to be sure that the certificate gets renewed on time.